our values

Our Values


We started Pena in 2020 with the dream of producing affordable yet luxurious period products made from high-quality fabrics, in bright colours and bold geometric designs, aimed at making people smile.


From designing our own signature prints and packaging to sewing and finishing each item by hand, we care about producing durable, stylish, and practical pads and period accessories, in a way that doesn’t harm the planet.


Our ultimate goals at Pena are to help combat waste and excessive plastic consumption caused by disposable period products and to make menstruating a bit less complicated and a bit more comfortable.

Our Production Philosophy


We keep a small stock of pads on site which is available to sell and send out immediately (we know sometimes you need things in a hurry), but we generally only make-to-order. That way we only produce what is needed.


Each item is made by hand-cut, pinned, sewn, pressed and finished — and will not be exactly the same as the next. Any imperfections are an expected part of the handmade process, and proof that your products aren’t produced by robots. These imperfections will not compromise the effectiveness of your cloth pads or wet bags.


We favour supporting small local businesses like our own, and those who focus on sustainability. Whenever possible we source our supplies from producers or distributors located within Portugal, and when not possible, from within the EU.

production values