Reclining nudes autumn large pad inside Reclining nudes autumn large pad outside
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Reclining Nudes Autumn Pad


Features an outer layer made from organic cotton, printed with our ‘Reclining Nudes Autumn’ pattern, and an ochre inlay made from lyocell.

Pad Size

Our large pad is a thicker and longer pad, with a rounded end for increased back coverage.

It is designed especially for nights, heavy flow, and postpartum use.

With its three inner layers of absorbent ZORB and one layer of leak-resistant PUL, you can count on this pad to keep your blood where you want it - on your pad and not on your pants.


Features three 9mm metal snaps, allowing you to choose between a close or looser fit. 

A channel of topstitching encourages the blood into the core of the pad, and topstitching around the edges provides that extra bit of comfort. 

Designed and handmade in Portugal.


32cm long x 25cm wide

9cm wide wings


We only use fabrics that are kind to your skin and kind to our planet. Our large pad consists of: 

  • a silky-soft lyocell inlay that directly touches your skin 
  • three layers of ultra-absorbent Bamboo ZORB as the inner core
  • an edge-to-edge inner layer of leak-resistant PUL
  • a 100% organic cotton outer layer printed with our custom-made designs, using eco-friendly inks
  • x3 hypoallergenic, corrosive-resistant, nickel-free metal snaps on the wings (x2 female and x1 male)
how to use

How to use your pad

01 Place your pad on your underwear, coloured insert facing up toward you.

02 Wrap the wings around the gusset of your underwear and fasten closed with the metal snaps, choosing your desired fit.

03 Wear with confidence, and change when necessary.

04 To transport or temporarily store a dirty pad, fold the top and bottom ends over the dirty insert. Then fold the wings over, forming a square shape. Fasten together with the metal snap.

05 Pop your pad in your wet bag until you can wash it.

how to clean your pad

How to clean your pad

01 After use, rinse or soak your pad in cold water as soon as possible to prevent any blood stains from setting. 

02 Wash in your washing machine using normal detergent and 30C water (to avoid staining and to preserve the softness of the lyocell fabric). 

03 Dry in the sun with the top side facing the sunlight.

04 Do not tumble dry as it will destroy your pad’s natural fibres, affect its absorbency, and shorten its lifespan.



More cleaning tips

what our customers think

I like that Pena pads are made with organic cotton and not with dyes that would otherwise irritate my skin. The designs are artistic and different too!


I use a moon cup, but the first days it always leaks and Pena pads are a perfect addition to it. Super comfortable!


When I'm at work all day I don't want to be caught out with period panties that could leak. I like that I have control over when I want to change them. The small pads are ideal support to my cup - super practical and I feel protected.


I love these pads! They are comfortable and leakproof. I keep one in my bag for when my period starts, it folds up into a little square. The patterns are beautiful too ❤️